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Dalian Jianda Plastics Machinery Co.,Ltd founded in 2000. It’s a professional film blowing machine manufacturer in china. Our machine applicable for the materials as HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, MLLDPE, PP, EVA/EAA, etc.  Company located in Fujiadian industry zone, Sanjianpu town, Lvshunkou District, Dalian city, Liaoning province, china. Three factories with a total area of 28000 ㎡.

After more than ten years of development, The company has developed a complete set of integrated system, such as R&D, processing, testing, assembly and after service. Our product export to Russia, South Korea, North Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Guinea, etc.


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SJGM-Z50 traction rotating three- co-extrusion blown film machine

APPLICATION This line is suitable for LDPE、LLDPE、HDPE、EVA、EAA and other plastic materials to produce hi-quality film including composite film substrate ,liquid membrane,shrinking film,cable film,polymer adhensive film and multifunctional industrial packaging film.So that we can meet the needs for high-speed color printed compounding film. 用途 本机组适用于(LLDPE、LDPE、HDPE、MLLDPE、EVA、EAA)等塑料原料。 用于生产复合膜基材、液体膜、收缩膜、保护膜、电缆膜、高分子粘结 膜、多功能工业包装膜等高品质塑料包装薄膜,能更好的满足高精度、 高速彩印、复合、涂覆制品的使用要求。 产品特点 1、牵引机水平式往复摆动旋转取代模头旋转,大大简化模头结构,避免模头因旋转 而引发的漏料、密封难、维护难的问题。 2、克服模头大小头、松紧边等质量问题,保证薄膜良好的平整度。 3、EPS光电纠偏系统,自动纠偏导向,保证薄膜收卷整齐 4、气垫式导向钢棍及新型平拉式薄膜展平辊旋转导向,薄膜整齐、平整 5、高精度的模具及高效风环冷却,保证薄膜良好厚薄均匀度,产出效率高 FEATURES It's horizontal cscillating haul-off repalce the die rotation that much simplified die's structure.Avoiding the problem of leskaging material,difficult sealing and hard to maintenance caused by die rotation. Overcomed asymmetry ends and elastic edge to guarantee the flatness of the film EPS photolelctric correction system and automatic orientation correction system guarantee orderly wingding film Air expandabe guide roller and the new horizontal wrinkle remover, let the film neat and plat. High-precision molds and efficient air ring colling system,guarantee a high efficiency of uniform film. 设备规格与技术参数 型号 model USJGM-Z50*30-2-Z65*30-1-1600 螺旋直径(mm) screw diameter(mm) φ50*2.φ65*1 螺杆长径比 screw ratio L/D 30:1 螺杆转数(r/min) screw rotation speed(r/min) 15-150/12-120 主电机功率(kw) main motor power(kw) 22*2+45=89 挤出量(kg/h) extrusion output(kg/h) 140 制品厚度(mm) film thinkness(mm) 0.03-0.10 制品******折幅宽度(mm) max。folder width(mm) 1400 模口规格(mm) die size φ250 电器总容量(kw) total power consumption(kw) 180 外形尺寸(长x宽x高)(m) dimensions (LxWxH)(m) 10*6*10.5 机组重量(kg) weigh of machine (of) 14600 可根据实际生产需求设计定制模口。


USJGM-Z502,3 LAYERS UPPER TRACTION ROTATION FILM BLOWING MACHINE APPLICATION This machinery applicable for the material as LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, MLLDPE, EVA, EAA and so on. It’s widely used to manufacture Composite film basic material, Liquid film, Shrink film, Protective film, Cable film, High molecular adhesive film and Multi-functional Industrial film product. The best quality can better meet customers’ requirement for High-precision, High-speed color printing, Composite and Coated products. FEATURES 1. The tractor adopts horizontal swing rotation which replaces the die rotation and simplifies die structure, It solves the problem of leakage, poor sealing and maintenance and improve the quality of film. 2. EPS photoelectric deviation correcting system ensure the film winding regularity. 3. Air cushion type guide steel roller and The new-type film flattening roller rotary steering. 4. High-precision die and efficient air ring cooling system, Ensure the film uniformity and output efficiency.

Eight machine blown film machine

The unit performance characteristics: 1. The unit can blow various plastic films such as LDPE, HDPE, and LLDPE with different width of the fold and thickness of 0.005-0.10mm. 2. Siamese design can save space for equipment, increase the space utilization rate of the customer's plant, and make the plant more tidy and beautiful. 3. The head structure is a single-layer spiral mandrel type. After precision machining of the four-axis CNC machining center, polishing, chrome plating, etc., a high-precision, bright flow channel structure is obtained to ensure film uniformity, brightness, and other properties. good. 4. The traction and curling drive adopts the most widely used and most reasonable direct connection structure. Coupling worm and worm gear reducer, the transmission is more stable, no noise, while avoiding the film quality affected by oil pollution. 5. The heads of the rollers in the equipment are all rust-proof. 6. The use of second-level hardened surface gear box, durable, stable performance, no oil leakage and other phenomena. 7, the noise of this equipment is less than 75 decibels. 8. The unit adopts a hand-pull type network changing structure, and the network changing operation is simple and convenient, saves the operation time, and improves the working efficiency. 9. The unit adopts new high-speed screw mechanism, which has large extrusion volume, excellent plasticization and high output.
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